Retail POS Benefits-Features

The PocketPro Retail application offers Inventory Management functionality with Point-Of-Sales (POS) capability. It offers the power and functionality of a conventional POS into an HHT device. During peak hours it allows the easy increase of the number of points of sales, with capability to scan items, print invoices and receive payments from customers, reducing the wait time.
The PocketPro Retail handles Stock Taking, Stock Checking and supports LOT Number & Expiry Dates. It handles Stock Transfers and Price Change Management for SALES periods. It also handles Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Purchases Received. It provides additional Barcode printing and connects with ANY ERP or back-office system. The ProcketPro Retail is only one of the many PocketPro Mobile Solutions offered by Powersoft.

- Easy way for transferring stock between stores
- Easy way to change prices during SALES.
- Increase efficiency and accuracy and reduce data entry errors
- Reduced operating costs 
- Improved customer service and satisfaction 
- Gain control of your inventory 
- Get repeat business from customer's 
- Cost effective solution for increasing POS positions at peak hours 
- Sell anywhere at anytime

- Stock Taking / Stock Check
- Price Management
- Mobile Barcode Printing 
- Purchase Orders / Purchases Received
- Stock Transfers
- Sales Orders / Invoicing
- Collections / Receipts / Cash / Credit
- LOT Numbers & Expiry Dates Support

PocketPro Mobile

  • Sell anywhere at anytime
  • Gain control of your inventory
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase repeat business
  • Shorten order-to-delivery cycle