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PocketPro Modules


Is a mobile multifunctional system for handling orders, stock taking, invoicing, price changing, etc. With this product an enterprise can achieve more effective sales, reduce its operational costs, minimize the number of errors and achieve better stock management. The main modules of the PocketPro Mobile are the "ProckedPro Warehouse", "Ex-Van Sales" και "Mobile Retail & POS".

The following are the main modules available with ProcketPro Mobile:

Stock Taking
A very fast and user friendly procedure for counting stock at a specific location - the product quantity is automatically incremented with each barcode scanning. At the end of the procedure a report is generated displaying the products whose expected quantity is different from the counted quantity.

Stock Check
Ability to check the stock for a scanned item, at any time, at a selected location. A stock statement is also available showing in detail the stock availability of the scanned item per location, as well as the quantities that are on transfer with their destination.


Ability to transfer stock from warehouse to other stores and vice versa. Every transfer has its own unique number. The Transfers module supports also expiry dates and lot numbers.

Product Price Catalogue

The application provides also a detailed price catalogue, containing photos and prices for every item individually. This feature allows the presentation to the customer of new products, along with their photos, prices and any other information required.

Price Management

A privileged user can manage prices and create special offers, valid for a specific period of time. The user can also sell products with a special discount on specific items. The user can also check the cost price, the selling price and the margin of a scanned item. The supervisor can very easily increase or decrease a price based desired profit. The increase\reduction can be a percentage or an amount. There is also the ability to assign a fixed price to every item scanned.

Sales Invoicing

Ability to issue invoices per customer based on the customer's assigned prices with additional discount as required. It offers the ability to print invoices over Bluetooth technology.

Sales Returns

Ability to issue a sales return credit note based on the customer's assigned price list, update the stock count and transfer to damages if the product is defective.

Sales Orders

Ability to issue sale orders per customer based on the customer's assigned price list. The sale order will be converted into an invoice after the customer's acceptance.

Purchases Return

The user can easily scan the items that are considered unsuitable and save them as a batch purchase return, for better control and verification of the return products.

Purchases Invoice

Purchases are easily handled, by scanning the products purchased and automatically generating a purchase invoice to cross check with the suppliers invoice.

Purchase Orders / Purchases Received

Offers the ability to compare every item scanned, with the purchase order, and mark the differences between them.


This module has the ability to issue waybills based on the customer's assigned price list. The waybill has a valid\until period for every issued document.


The user is able to issue receipts to customers against individual unpaid invoices, or against an outstanding amount own by the customer, with ability to print receipts over Bluetooth.

Back Office Synchronization

Ability to integrate with any ERP Stock Control. Advanced synchronization methods are used ensuring fast synchronization and data integrity. Using appropriate compression mechanisms the application can synchronize over a number of mediums such as Ethernet, USB, WiFi, GPRS and Bluetooth.


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