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Warehouse Benefits-Features

The PocketPro Warehouse helps achieve effective and efficient Inventory management. PocketPro helps increase efficiency and accuracy in Stock Taking and Stock Picking. It helps with identifying and handling differences in inventory. It helps in indentifying unauthorized changes in procedures and delays in arrivals. It improves order accuracy by reducing data entry errors. It shortens order to delivery cycle for the customers and offers supplied product, received product validation. The main functions that PocketPro warehouse supports include Stock Taking, Stock Checking, Stock Transfers, Price Changes, Stock Picking, Sales Orders, Way Bills, Purchase Orders, Purchase Returns and Purchases Received. The PocketPro Warehouse can also be used in Pharmacies, Hospitals and anywhere where support for Lot Number and Expiration Dates is required.

- Increases efficiency and accuracy in Stock Taking and Stock Picking
- Helps in discovery and Isolation of unauthorized changes in procedures
- Easy discovery of delays in receiving purchase orders
- Helps in discovery and handling of differences in inventory
- Increases order accuracy
- Reduces data entry errors, improving order accuracy
- Immediate access to schemes and promotions help in providing better service to customers.
- Shortened order to delivery cycle for customers.
- Side by side comparison during picking reduces errors
- Supplied product and received product validation.

- Stock Taking
- Stock Check
- Purchase Orders / Purchases Received
- Stock Transfers
- Sales Orders / Invoicing / Waybills
- Price Management
- Handling additional Barcodes 
- LOT Numbers & Expire Dates Support


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  • Sell anywhere at anytime
  • Gain control of your inventory
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase repeat business
  • Shorten order-to-delivery cycle