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Just received a call from this number. They didn't leave a message, but when I called back they placed me on hold for "the next available operator or you can leave a voicemail". AVOID and BLOCK.

7:39pm, December 6

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About department of ss number being use in Texas as fraud being to shut down

3:26pm, December 6

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I received a voicemail indicating that legal action is going to be taken if I not return a call to this number right away. Legal actions typically occur with filings and serving notice. I did not return the call.

7:07pm, December 5

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Message says you have an etransfer from 613-462-4290. Bullshit. I didn’t open it, I don’t know this number and nobody is just sending me money.

11:32am, December 4

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Caller from this number claimed to represent Norton Security and wanted to convince me that my computer is showing problems. It isn't, and NIS is working well as usual. Scam using this phone number somehow.

6:07am, December 4

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